Saturday, 26 September 2015

Porn and Sexual Assault

Today I met one of my candidates for MP. We discussed accidental porn viewing and the UK model for banning porn. This post is to provide those with no knowledge of the issues with some background information.

There was a UK report which implicated hours of porn viewing by teens as leading to a compulsion to commit sexual offenses.

Other research connecting porn to increases in violence against women.

This is likely the information that moved the UK to reduce the ease of access to porn. An issue recognized by MP Joy Smith in this article.

This article shows that internet providers can provide ways that allow adults to determine the amount of content children can access while still maintaining individual freedom.

While some may feel that this type of step is unnecessary and that only those who are looking for porn come across porn, I would disagree. I remember one time where I was searching for a picture of something, I can't recall what, but it was as unconnected to sex as a boat or compass or something of that nature. And as I was scrolling through I saw a picture of a seated man, fully naked and exposed. Nothing in the picture was connected to what I was searching for. I was more disturbed that there was nothing on the google page that allowed me to report the explicit photo so that google could block it.